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On Tuesday, Oct. 29, USDA released the text of its interim final rule for regulations establishing a domestic hemp production program. Since this is an interim final rule, it will be in effect immediately upon being published in the Federal Register. The 2018 farm bill legalized the production of hemp as an agricultural commodity while removing it from the list of controlled substances (2018 Farm Bill Provides A Path Forward for Industrial Hemp). Industrial hemp is defined as Cannabis sativa L. and required to be below a THC threshold of 0.3%. Hemp production is legal in 46 states and the farm bill allows Idaho, Mississippi, New Hampshire and South Dakota to continue to ban production of the crop within their borders.

Growing Market Demand in Grow Light:

Follow by the US government regulations to legalize hemp growing in over 46 states, industrialization of hemp growing is undergoing a rapid growing trend since 2018. With an expected high profit margin of high-quality agricultural product, the business in LED growing light source for new corporate startup, as well as home growing has been surging.

LED as Good Grow Light Solution:

Traditional horticultural lighting is mainly occupied by lighting product including HID and HPSL. With a high-power output (400W - 1200W), lower cost (~USD$120 / Set), and a lower light intensity depreciation against distance, they are widely accepted by the market since 1970s.

However, with a rapid development in LED lighting technology, lighting efficiency of LED is growing fast, which a grow of lumen efficacy from 30lm/W 10 years ago to more than 250lm/w is evidenced. A 1150W HPS could generate a PPF of 2100umol/s, a calculated EFF (efficiency) of 1.8umol/J, while a LED grow light of 640W could generate a PPF of 1700umol/s, a calculated EFF (efficiency) of 2.7umol/J, an improvement in efficiency of 50%, which also implies a handsome cut in energy cost for on-going plant growing activities.

Besides from a growing gap in lighting efficacy, LED also save cost in replacement. LED grow light use high efficiency driver, which are usually branded with 5+ years lifetime, compared to a 3 years ballast lifetime of HPS. Furthermore, due to higher light depreciation rate of HPS, quality growing can only be upkeep with bulb replacement is conducted every year, and all these account for labor and new replacement bulb cost. Due to lower efficiency of magnetic ballast use in HPS, large amount of heat energy generated may get the environment out of optimal growing temperature range and even burning of plant. Ventilation in hot season is another maintenance cost that is taken into consideration.

A reason to make LED the future growing light source is coming from its high flexibility in light spectrum customization. With current available technology, light spectrum could be tailored with fluorescent powder and chips use in encapsuling. Also, SMD nature of LED chips allow light source of different wavelength to be mixed. If we target a maximization in growing efficiency, a higher relative intensity of 450nm (blue) and 660nm (red) chips could use. If we consider comfort of the light source to human eye, green and yellow light from a 3000-5000K LED chips could be added. If the target plant is expected to grow better in presence of far red, infrared or ultraviolet, there are mature light source available in the markets.

As of 2020, FOB price of 630W LED grow light cost USD$250- USD$350, which a full set of HPS of 1150W cost USD$110-130. As a result of growing efficacy in LED light source, lower long-run maintenance cost as well as a high flexibility in light spectrum tailoring, many new starter is using LED at first priority.

New Light Harvest Grow Light:

Haining New Lights Harvest Series is the prototype for hemp growing. The fixture has 4 members rated at 320W, 640W, 860W and 1100W. Taking 640W as an example, it accepts power input from AC90-305V, with a power factor of 0.98 and lifetime of 5+ years. The PPF of the fixture is 1600umol/s with a EFF of 2.5umol/J.

It uses 6 aluminum light bars emitting a full spectrum light source with high 450nm (blue) and 660nm (red) intensity, while being friendly to human eyes at a visible overall CCT at 3000-4000K. Infra-red, far red and ultra violet could be added or more customization in spectrum could be achieved base on customer request. It is a strong and suitable light source for indoor growing, which could cover an area up to 1.5-2 square meters.

Other Horticultural Lighting Products:

Besides from Harvest Series, Haining New Lights also offer a range of grow light product suiting different needs.

T5 Integrated fixture and T8 LED Tube (IP65) are suitable for hydroponic shelves growing like vegetables.

Par38 and BR30 for home potted plant growing, especially for flowering plant and succulent plant.

Flood and UFO light up to 200W for cucumber and tomato growing.

To know more about the products, please email us to reach our sales representative.

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