New Light Combating Covid-19

Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified - quoted from WHO

From the moment of 1st case being identified towards the end of 2019, the world has started a combat against the virus, which was well-known as Covid-19 and being know and spread worldwide in a rapid pace. As proposed by WHO, governments and health department officials, keeping personal cleanliness, wearing face masks, avoiding personal contacts and compulsory quarantine for suspected cases are effective approaches to control spreading of the virus.
Moreover, raising number of medical experts’ claims have recognized the Ultra Violet Light Source (UVC) as an adequate sterilizing tool, which is scientifically verified to be effective in deactivating Covid-19. Haining New Lights, as a 20 years experienced enterprise in lighting technology and products, have solid foundation in UVC tubular products technology and manufacturing. To meet the global demand of virus killing UVC product, we have substantially increased our T5, T8 and PLL UVC germicidal lamp production capacity, along with the roll out of home using UVC fixtures which is safe, reliable of easy operation.

T5 | T8 UVC Tube:

T5 | T8 germicidal lamp are tubular mercury discharge tube, which emit a light spectrum of wavelength peaked at 253.7nm, a very energetic light source which direct irradiation will destroy RNA & DNA material of pathogens, killing them in reasonable timeframe. T5 | T8 are usually made of high boron glass or quartz, which both could transmit UVC light. Compare to close to 0% transmission of normal soda glass, high born glass and quartz have a UVC transmitting rate of 40% and 80% respectively.
T5 | T8 germicidal lamp could also be distinguished from its ozone generating property. Besides from 253.7nm wave, 188nm, which is also known as the ozone wavelength, is also generated. Ozone is a sterilizing gas which could kill pathogens through its highly oxidizing nature, and this could greatly improve sterilizing efficiency. Ozone will reduce to harmless oxygen after effect. Ozone tube is particular suitable in cupboard or medical cases with sterilizing effect, as sterilizing by 253.7nm radiation may not be through and complete due to possible obstacle of light while ozone is capable to reach. However, prolonged exposure to ozone is harmful to human and may cause discomfort in respiratory tract, dizziness, headache, sore throat, or poor breathing, so no-ozone model is available for use in area with human presence.
T5 | T8 tube length range from 135.9mm (without pin) to 1500mm. Normal power rating of T5 could be 4W, 6W and 8W, while T8 have higher rating from 10W to 58W. A high-power rating, together with higher UVC transmission material (like quartz) means high UVC intensity could be generated form the light source. UVC intensity is a measurement which affect the sterilizing power of the light source, in terms of the time necessary to disinfect an area of specific volume.

Ozone-flow Sterilizer:

Ozone-flow Sterilizer is specially designed for home usage. It is a strong pathogen killing fixture employing double sterilizing technology. In absence of human, the light source part, usually 2-4 pcs of 8W T5 ozone generating tube, will be pulled out from the fixture. When the fixture is power on, it is optional to setup the sterilizing time for 30mins or 60mins. Direct UVC radiation and ozone diffusion will disinfect the area in effect.
In environment which direct UVC radiation is not recommended, like environment with fragile plastic wares or covered with plants, the fixture could be setup in its collapse mode, which the UVC light source will be hidden in the metallic body during operation. A ventilation fan is installed at the bottom to drive air in an out repeatedly. This works like air purifier but with stronger disinfection power with stronger UVC source and ozone, keeping outflow air clean and also use diffused ozone to sterilize a wider area. Now we have model of 16W or 32W, in white or black color.

Portable UV Sterilizer:

If you require a sterilizer when going outdoor, the Portable UV Sterilizer will be a good choice. It use a 3W cold cathode UVC light source powered by 4 AAA batteries or other DC power source connected by USB cable. You can use it at home, office, or in any outings.
To use it in sterilizing, simply power it on by clicking the on/off button for 2 seconds, face the light source towards the object to be disinfected, put it close enough (~1cm distance) and then keep it still until 30 seconds and the process is complete. You can use it to your phones, shoes, toys, keyboards and anything you have hand contacts with.
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