New Concept in Decorative Lighting

I believe most of the people article will find lighting, as an essential element of interior decoration, is gaining importance and draw attention of more and more designers and users. With the possibility brought by flexible LED lighting, creative light source and elegant fixture are introduced to bring comfortable and artistic light effect.

Today I wish to present a series of decorative desk lamp and filament bulbs, which could bring soul to your home as well as allowing you to furnish your home with love and romance!

Letter Bulb & Cartoon Bulb:

In the past, decorative light bulb is restricted to Edison bulb for antique lighting fixture. With the breakthrough in soft LED filament, we could bend it into different shapes as the traditional tungsten filament, as well as using it to write our own "LIGHT LETTER" inside the bulb shell.

LED Letter Bulb usually use G125 glass bulb shell in original clear glass color. If you wish a warmer color or stressed antique style, an amber coating will give out a warm atmosphere of right feeling. If you wish to have the LIGHT LETTER be presented in the most eye-catching way, a gun color dark coating on the glass shell could make the it alive.

Inside the bulb shell, we mount a filament of 300mm on a metallic board of the letter shape. And the New Lights offer customization service for your own LIGHT LETTER! As constrained by the filament length, we usually recommend to design a LIGHT LETTER of length withing 5 alphabets. To add more visual elements, the color of the light source could be made in red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink or purple using different LED chips inside filament.

Have your make up your mind already on what to write? No matter yes or no, let me give you some idea. How about "Love", "Home" and "Dream" for the couple room? So, you could have a home feeling in your dream house and every night can be a romantic one full of Love and romance. If you are a bartender, do you wish to Label your drink with our "Gin", "Wine" or "Beer" bulb instead of using boring 2D signs? Isn't it a good choice to put "Live", "Life", "Laugh" and "Happy" in your restaurant or coffee shop to remind your customer to enjoy their stay in your shop?

If you think Letter Bulb is not sufficient to build your theme, New Light also have Cartoon Bulb. With enhanced LED technology, LED filament could now be shaped into different figures and you can design your own figures you like. It can be your company logo, it can be the Christmas tree, it can be the batman sign as well as a big fist. Don't wait, contact New Lights to design figures of your own character!

Wooden, Concrete & Terrazzo Desk Lamp:

As the light source part is already fine, now it is time to consider, what shall be the most suitable lamp base to highlight the feelings? Considering that most western home design are based on European style with traditional to modern transition, we believe natural wooden color lamp base and concrete colored lamp base would be most suitable to fit in, brought by the natural material used with color and pattern that are fusing with the background.

We have over ten models of wooden and concrete lamp base for home decoration. For Wooden model, we use natural colored rubber wood of fine cutting, shaping them in cubes, in cones, in rhombus shape of size close to 10x10x10cm. If you prefer to use the lamp base for lighting purpose also, we recommend an AC input with a switch cable of length 1.5m, together with a universal EU flat plugs of 2 pins. If you are using it for decorative purpose, which a dimmer light color close to romantic candle flame and that it should be safe and portable, then our DC model powered by 2-3 AA batteries will be a perfect choice!

Besides from wooden model, we also have concrete and terrazzo model. For concrete model, we have simple cubic design with different colored pattern, like a dark spotted cube with golden edges, as well as elegant diamond shape base in grey color. Terrazzo model is also interesting with natural rainbow-colored stone inside a light-colored base concrete of polished surface. We also allow customization in shape and crafting details on the lamp base surface, like a heart, a star or a Christmas tree sketching. Wouldn't it be funny to have a heart filament bulb on a pink concrete lamp base with a red heart sketched on it?
To know more about the products, please email us to reach our sales representative.

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