LED Tube (General Lighting)

LED tubes are usually classified by their length or power rating. For length, LED tube lights for home are usually in length of 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and even 8 ft. The most popular t8 led bulbs is 4 ft led lights and 8ft led lights, which 4ft one can also be represented as led 120 cm or led 48 bulbs. For t5 led bulb, 2ft and 4ft are equally common. For power rating, they are 9W, 10W, 12W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24W, 28W, 30W, 36W, 40W and 48W. 18w led tube light is the most popular T8 tube light. Sometimes high power such as 20 watt and 36 watts are also popular, as they are fluorescent replacement knowing as 40 watt tube light equivalent LED and 80 watt tube light equivalent LED. We offer high quality tube at economical prices. T8 LED retrofit model are usually in G13 base, while T5 LED tube are in G5 bases. They are perfect fluorescent replacement choice.

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