LED Panel Light

LED Panel Light is one of hot seller of LED lihgting. They replace traditional fluorescent tube lighting fixture and replace it with a simple designed panel light. Panel light is divided into large and small panel light. For large panel light, it can either be backlight panel light or edge light panel light. For installation method, we can choose recess panel light or string suspended mounting panel light. If it is preferable to have surface mounting installation, a conversion metallic frame could be used. LED Panel light wattage usually ranges from 36W to 40w for a 2x2 panel light or 1x4 panel light. For 2x4 panel light, the wattage ranges from 72W to 80W. For small panel light, besides form the traditional recess mounting or surface mounting panel light, we now also have driver integrated, ultra slim, back lighting, farmless and cutout adjustable small panel light of round or square shape. Small panel light have power rating of 3w, 6w, 9w, 12w, 15w, 18w and 24w. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a professional manufacturer of LED Panel Lightin China. We provide OEM OEM services for leading LED Lighting brands. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a LED Panel Light manufacturer  .

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