LED Grow Light (Horticultural Lighting)

New Lights specialized in horticultural lighting and develop a series of star products suiting both industrial and residential growing needs. Horticultural lighting is also known as grow light or plant light, which are mainly used for indoor growing purpose, like growing tomatoes or succulent in greenhouses. The best LED grow lamps can be good replacement or supplement of sun lights for plants, which besides from having a high-power rating, need to have a full spectrum light source specifically designed to support plant grow. We offer high power growing fixtures like harvest or easy growing series, which they can be 400w, 600w and 1000w watt LED grow light. If you prefer more compact grow light, we also have UFO or Flood grow lamp of 100watt, 150watt and 200watt. For hydroponic shelves, we also have T5 LED grow light and T8 LED tube for growing. If you target home gardening, E26 grow light bulb would be a good choice we could offer. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a professional manufacturer of LED Grow Lightin China. We provide OEM services for leading brands of LED Lighting. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a  LED Grow Light manufacturer and LED Grow Lamp manufacturer.

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