LED Function Fixtures

LED functional fixtures covers a broad range of lighting fixtures of different applications, which includes flood light, ceiling lamp, bulkhead, wall lamps as well as table lamps. For flood light, we have 10w, 20w, 50w, 70w, 100w and as high as 300w. Besides from general flood light, we also have infra-red sensor flood light for gate lighting and portable flood as work light. Modern looking ceiling lamp are also popular, which we have IP54 flush mounting ceiling lamp models of 20w and 30w. They can be upgraded as CCT and switch dimmable ceiling light, as well as microwave motion sensor ceiling lamp. We also have moisture proof bulk head or damp-proof light for outdoor lighting purpose. We also have interior and exterior mounting wall light with modern metallic structure as well as plastic LED design. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a Chinese factory specializing in LED Functional Fixtures, and we provide OEM OEM services to various leading LED Lighting brands. Haining Xinguangyuan Lighting is an excellent LED Functional Fixture manufacturer, Flood Light manufacturer, ceiling lamp manufacturer, Bulkhead manufacturer, Wall Lamps Manufacturers, Table Lamps Manufacturers, Tri-proof Fixtures Manufacturers, Flood Light Fixtures Manufacturers, Ceiling Lamp Manufacturers, Bulkhead Manufacturers, Wall Lamps Manufacturers, Table Ballast Manufacturer. Manufacturer of Damp-proof Light.

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