LED Filament Bulb (General Lighting)

General Lighting purpose filament bulb are usually used in residential or commercial lighting fixture. There are different lamp base sizes in different markets. For US market, E12 filament bulb and E26 filament bulb are more common. In UK and Australia, bayonet filament bulb of base B15 and B22 are used. For the reset of the world, E14 filament bulb and E27 filament bulb are standard bases for almost all fixtures. For bulb shape, we have A60 led filament bulb, C35 filament bulb, G45 filament bulb, G80 filament bulb, G95 filament bulb, G125 filament bulb, ST64 filament bulb as well as T30 filament bulb. They can be made as either AC120V, AC230V or DC12V vintage LED bulb. To have a warm lighting effect, a 3000K LED filament bulb is always a good choice, which LED filament bulb dimmable version is also available. Filament bulb wattage includes 2W, 4W, 6W, 8W, 10W, 12W and 15W. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a professional manufacturer of LED Filament Bulb in China. We provide OEM OEM services for leading LED Lighting brands. Xinguangyuan Lighting is the manufacturer of LED filament bulb, A60 LED filament bulb, C35 LED filament bulb, G45 Filament Bulb Manufacturer, G80 Filament Bulb Manufacturer, G95 Filament Bulb Manufacturer,G125 Filament Bulb Manufacturer,ST64 Filament Bulb Manufacturer, Manufacturer of T30 Filament Bulb, Manufacturer of 3000K LED Filament Bulb, Manufacturer of E14 Filament Bulb, Manufacturer of E27 Filament Bulb.

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