LED Filament Bulb (Decorative)

Decorative filament bulb adds a lot of variations to general lighting filament bulb. For light color, we can make color light source such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, pink and purple, which small bulb such as S14 and G45 used in waterproof lamp string are popular. We also have variation in bulb shape such as special shaped filament bulb in diamond, heart and star shape. We also have oversized bulb which can be a huge globe shape bulb or a large pear shape bulb. We also have very beautiful soft filament bulb which can create light pattern similar to Edison bulb. If you are looking for product which is totally different from your competitors, we also have letter bulb and cartoon bulb with funny phrases and shapes. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a Chinese factory specializing in the manufacture of Decorative filament bulbs. We provide OEM Lighting services to leading LED Lighting brands. Xinguangyuan Lighting is an excellent  Decorative filament bulbs manufacturer.

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