Incandescent Lamps (R Series)

  • Incandescent Lamps (R Series)

Incandescent Lamps (R Series)

Incandescent lamps (General Lighting – R Series), is a specially shaped bulb with particular usage. It has a wide range of residential, clinical or commercial lighting applications. R series incandescent bulb have 3 common shapes, including the most common R80, also known as R25 in US. Also, there are smaller R50 and R63 shapes, which are respectively called R16 and R20 in US. They are made in an extremely wide range of sizes, wattages, and voltages. For smaller bulb shape such as R50, power ranges from 25W to 50W. For larger R bulb shape such as R63 and R80, they have higher power rating which ranges from 25W to 100W. We also have PAR38 bulb with power rating as high as 150W. R series incandescent light bulb can be seen in almost all E12 | E14 | E26 | E27 Edison based, while optional bayonet base such as B15d | B22d are also available.

Technical Data

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Place of Origin: China

Manufacturer: Haining Xinguangyuan Lighting Technology Company Limited

Trading Company: Haining New Light Source Trading Company Limited

Qualifications: ISO9001 | BSCI

Certifications: CE | RoHS


Cheap & Economical Lighting Choice, Fully Dimmable

High Quality Light of CCT 2700K, CRI of 99 which Restores Sunlight Color

Customized Base Cap Size (E12 | E14 | B15d | E26 | E27 | B22d)

Customized Bulb Style (Clear | Opal | Frosted)

Enhanced Lifetime of 2,000 hours


Home Fixtures / Shopping Malls & Shops / Bathroom Lighting / Hotels & Inns / Medical Lighting

Product Features

LED Newlights Harvest Lamp (Horticultural Lighting), is a plant growing lighting products aimed at providing extra high-power output and light intensity to support plant growth. It uses full spectrum LED chips on an aluminum waterproof lamp body to create high power growing light source of extraordinary high PPF. The lamp uses high efficiency driver to ensure the high light output is based on low energy consumption to minimized lighting cost in growing. The lamp use string mounting installation with metallic string which could be uses with most growing fixtures in industrialized greenhouses as well as home growing. Currently, we have model of power 320W, 640W, 860W as well as 1100W.

LED Newlights Harvest Lamp has a very specific purpose to boost plant growing rate and plant growing quality. Under appropriate environment and nutritional condition as well as temperature and ventilation, the growing lamp fixture is adequate to raise vegetation speed, improve flower blooming rate and flower quality, and so as the character of the fruits of majority of plants. If UV source or Far-Red light is necessary to be added, XGY also support customization services. If the growing purpose is to support seedlings stage, the lower power model of 300W will be suitable.

Horticulture lighting is very popular in USA, for both industrialized growing or home growing. They are also common in European country such as Netherland, Germany and Russia as commercial greenhouses growing. In Asia market such as Thailand and Japan, grow light are also employed as plant light supplement. The product certified with c-ETL-us and FCC, and it is also complying with CE and RoHS requirement.

Incandescent lamps have excellent low pricing due to the simple nature of the bulb design. They require no driver or external device to power on, and they are always fully dimmable with no warm up period and flickering, no matter they are designed as AC or DC input. Due to higher power consumption nature of incandescent bulb, they are more suitable for environment with lower environmental temperature or longer winter season, which could slightly warm up indoor zone. They use tungsten filament which have a more artistic, antique slight effect. The warm color lighting effect is very attractive to Europe, North America, Latin America as well as Middle East market for general lighting purpose. It is particular safe and reliable, as well as being the most commonly used indoor lighting product. The product fully complied with CE requirement.

Incandescent bulb is widely used in bathroom as lighting fixture and warming fixture. Usually, they are used together with infra-red R bulb to create heater and lighting effect. They are widely use in household fixtures, as well as hotels and inns. They are also widely employed as commercial lighting in Edison Screw or Bayonet base fixture in shops and household. One of the special uses of R series bulb is to fit in medical lighting fixture on surgery platform due to more focused light source by reflector bulb design.

Data Tables

Model No. Dimension (mm) Bulb Color Rated Power PCS/CTN CTN MEAS.
Ф50x85 Clear+Reflector 25W/50W Customize Customize
Ф63x103 Clear+Reflector 25W/50W/75W/100W Customize Customize
Ф80x113 Clear+Reflector 25W/50W/75W/100W Customize Customize
Ф120x140 Clear+Reflector 25W/50W/75W/
Customize Customize

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