Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent lamp is the first generation of tubular light. It can be classified by tube diameter, which the family includes T4 fluorescent tube, T5 fluorescent tube, T6 fluorescent tube, T8 fluorescent tube, T10 fluorescent tube and T12 fluorescent tube. The most popular model includes 36watt, 40 watt and 58 watt T5 and T8 fluorescent tube of G5 and G13 bases. Besides from straight tube, there are also 2D butterfly fluorescent lamp and circular fluorescent tube light which are mainly used for ceiling lamp lighting. They uses either GR8 or GR10q bases. We also product H shape and U shape bulb fluorescent light which includes PLS and PLL lamp of 3w, 5w, 7w, 9w, 11w, 13w, 18w, 24w and 36w, which uses G23, GX23. 2G7 2G11 bases. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a professional manufacturer of Fluorescent Lamps and Lamps in China. We provide OEM OEM services for leading LED Lamps and Lamps brands. Xinguangyuan Lighting is a leading manufacturer of Fluorescent Lamps, T4 Fluorescent Lamps, T5fluorescent Lamps, T6Fluorescent Ballads Manufacturers, T8Fluorescent Ballads Manufacturers, T10Fluorescent Ballads Manufacturers, T12Fluorescent Ballads Manufacturers.

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